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How and where to compost your own food at home

In this blog post we talk about how you can start to compost your own food waste at home or in the workplace. You don't even need to have a garden for this!

What is compost and how can you make compost from your food waste?

Compost is a mixture of natural materials which can be used to fertilise and improve the soil when gardening. Compost is made by decomposing plant and food waste which creates compost full of different nutrience with beneficial organisms, such as worms and fungal mycellium. 

It's best to start off using your vegetable peelings rather than cooked food also because cooked food can attract rodants.

Making your own compost may sound really complicated but it's very simple and anyone can do it. You may be thinking, why do we need to compost? The reason we compost our food waste is because if it gets sent to landfill, this food isn't able to break down properly so it's leaves green house gases which go into the atmosphere and speed up global warming.

What can you compost? 

You can use veg and fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds and bio-degradable tea bags. You should avoid using meats, fish dairy or cooked food because this can attract unwanted rodents.

What equipment do you need and how do you start composting?

You will need a container with a lid which you can use to make your compost. It can be small or big depending on the space you have available. You will need a drill to create a hole into the bottom of container, a small bag of soil and some dry materials like old newspapers or torn up cardboard.

1. Start by drilling some holes in the bottom of your compost bin.

2. Place a layer of soil into the bottom of the container, topped with some torn up newspaper then add your food scraps on top.

3. Seal your container tight with the lid and leave the compost to work itself. 

Add your food scraps to the bin as you go and dry materials like paper. It can take up to 6 weeks for your compost to be made but once it's done you can use it in your garden or indoor plants or if you don't have any plants, give some to a neighbour!