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Recycling Myths

There are always so many different myths about recycling, not knowing what you can recycle and whether it even gets recycled in the first place, but we're here to fill you in on the facts. We're sure you've heard so many different things about recycling, both positive and negative!

"There's no point in recycling as it all goes to landfill anyway"

This is not true, recycling makes a huge difference, it protects the environment and cuts down disposal costs for council tax payers. Most recyclable materials are processed here in the UK. When plastics and recyclables are sent to landfill it means more and more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere which is speeding up global warming. Always recycle where you can, you can only do your best so you may as well recycle!

"Rinsing out recyclables is a waste of water and energy"

Making sure bottles and other plastic/glass containers are clean before is extremely important for recycling, this is so it stops other recyclables from being contaminated. 

"It doesn't matter if I put the wrong items in the recycling bins"

This is not true, if you put the wrong items in your bin you risk contaminating the whole load which means hardly any of that load will end up getting recycled.


If you're a company and what to make it easier for your staff members to separate their waste and recycling, choose waste segregation bins available on our website here.

"Recycling uses more energy than it saves"

This again is not true, up to 95% less energy is needed to make products from recycled materials.